Kundalini yoga & Ayurveda for improved circulation & glowing skin

With Perla Kirinpreet Kaur

We all enjoy the feeling of beautiful skin and hearing people tell us we are glowing. The secret to glowing skin is reducing stress and maintaining a healthy circulation.

Ongoing tension and stress, create blockages in the flow of vital energy within us. With every meal, thought, movement and activity we are continuously forming our body. When we hold negative emotions, over tax our body and mind, and forget to be mindful of our actions, our body begins to change in response. We hold ourselves differently physically and energetically and patterns begin to form in our circulation.

When prana - the life force - is not flowing through us as it should, we look and feel dull. Join us in one more of this series of short courses combining Yoga and Ayurveda for improved circulation and glowing skin.

In this course you will:

  • target blockages and bring your circulation to a healthy and natural flow;
  • cleanse your system from mental and physical toxins;
  • strengthen your organs;
  • strengthen your digestive fire;
  • de-stress;
  • learn how to nourish your skin;
  • get to know your Ayurvedic body type and develop healthy habits that are suitable for you.

    Each session will be 2 hours long and will consist of part talk and part Yoga and meditation practices. Within the duration of 4 weeks you will experience a process of cleansing and revitalising and gain tools for ongoing maintenance of your radiance and health.