Laurie Gottlieb / Nurse, Professor, and author

"Perla Aviram is a superb and gifted teacher. She introduced me to the magic of Kundalini Yoga. It has had a profound effect on my own healing. I came to Perla after back surgery, surgery for breast cancer, and a rare complication to chemotherapy that caused severe neuropathy in all four of my extremities that left me quite disabled. I could barely walk. A few sessions with Perla convinced me of the healing power of Kundalini Yoga and the importance of having an excellent teacher. After the first class with Perla, I felt this incredible energy that lasted the whole day. For the first time in months, I found I had enough stamina to walk for a few blocks, something I had not been able to do for months.  I took several classes, three times a week for several weeks with Perla. Each class I learned something new and most importantly was able to reconnect with my body that had been so broken. I began to sense something happening. Perla understood my limits, modified the postures, tailored the class to my strengths and limitations and capitalized on what I could do. In every class I learned how to use my body in new ways to deal with the pain and compensate for my limitations. It was a superb experience that I did not want to end. Unfortunately, I was only In London for five weeks on a visit. But the effects of these classes proved to be a turning point. When I came back to Montreal (where I live), I began to ride my bicycle for the first time in 3 years. I  joined an aqua fit class, and am still looking for a Kundalini Yoga class with a teacher of Perla’s caliber. This has proven to be more difficult. I would have never believed that Yoga could be so healing and I attribute its healing power in large to Perla who knows how to translate the principles, develop mindfulness, and strengthen body-mind."

Shyned Israeli / Graphic Designer

"I am practicing Kundalini Yoga with Perla for about 5-6 month, once a week. What I mostly like about it is the combination of both physical and spiritual worlds. Many times I come to the class feeling stressed, worried or just tired from work, and by the end of the class, I really feel the positive impact on my body and my mind. Even the little transformation I experienced each time, gives me drive to explore the Kundalini more and more. Thank you for your guidance Perla!


"I have been practicing Kundalini Yoga with Perla for a year and a half on and off. This type of yoga that combines that spiritual and physical bodies taught me how to control some challenging situations in my day to day life. The sessions with Perla have been like a weekly therapy session for me, and with her help and guidance I could concentrate on the inner me - thoughts and emotions and understand myself better."